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Most Recent Lab Exercises (choose from this section unless instructed otherwise)

Field Trip Location Maps (3.0 MB)

Personal Comfort and Safety (100 KB)

Draw a Tree and get Your Degree (1032 KB)

Fullerton Arboretum: Climate and Adaptations at the Fullerton Arboretum (749 KB)

Oak Canyon: Plant Distribution at Oak Canyon Nature Center (3.0 MB)

Upper Newport Bay 1: Upper Newport Bay Community Mapping (530 KB)

Upper Newport Bay 2: Analysis of Community Distribution (121 KB)

Orange County Sanitation District (1049 KB)

Bolsa Chica Birds Survey(1553 KB)

Alternative Documents (in reserve)

Wild Places in Orange County (1883 KB)

Oak Canyon Community Mapping (91 KB)

Oak Canyon Birds (196 KB)

Tucker Wildlife Sanctuary-- Impacts from Santiago Fire (347 KB)

Instructions for Preparing a Wilderness Park Report - Makeup activity (153 KB)

Older Lab Exercises (Archived)

These are old exercises that are normally NOT downloaded for current labs.

OLD_Acid Rain and Plant Growth (380 KB)

OLD_Acid Rain Midstream Check (52 KB)

OLD_Campus Tree Walk (1,238 KB)

OLD_Fullerton Arboretum (69 KB)

OLD_Ecology of Upper Newport Bay (631 KB)

OLD_Oak Canyon Nature Center -- Single visit (40 KB)

OLD_Instructions for Preparing a Report of Findings (123 KB)

OLD_Concepts in Science and Hints on Experimental Design (60 KB)

OLD_Metropolitan Water District's Diemer Filtration Plant (305 KB)

OLD_Yorba Linda Water District (117 KB)

OLD_Terraforming Mars (338 KB)

OLD_Grizzly Bear Management Plan (17 KB)

OLD_Environment-Economics: The Game of Trade-Offs (23 KB)

OLD_Environmental Awareness (161 KB)

OLD_Urban World (35 KB)

OLD_Dams Across Rivers (17 KB)

Extra class links

Wild Places in Orange County

Large Topo Map for Oak Canyon

Local Birds